3 Forklift Safety Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you work in an industry that requires the regular use of a forklift, you know how important safety is to your environment. Your workers have gone through the mandatory training and authorization process every three years, and your entire staff has been educated on how to demonstrate proper awareness of heavy machinery in the work environment. While those are all crucial steps in creating a safe environment for your workers and inventory alike, there are more steps you can take to ensure that everything and everyone is as safe as possible. If you're looking at buying a forklift, read on to see this list of products you didn't even know you needed that can create an even safer, healthier work environment for your staff and the life of your equipment.

Horns and Lights for Increased Awareness

The first and foremost safety concern of all forklift operators is that for other works in the warehouse. When vendors show potential buyers forklifts for sale, these concerns always among the first to be brought up. While training regarding awareness of heavy machinery is crucial, there are extra measures you can take to make sure forklift operators are always visible to others who may be working. Electronic horns can provide a way for operators to alert workers to their presence, while back-up alarms can make sure there are no unpleasant surprises when the operator is maneuvering in potentially troublesome spaces. Similarly, pedestrian lights are available in a variety of colors to make sure that pedestrians are aware of the machine's movements at all times.

Seat Replacements to Ensure Operator Health

Similarly to seats on a bike, the factory standard seats on forklifts for sale might not be up to par in terms of ergonomics for your operators, especially if you've purchased your equipment used. Major companies such as Toyota, Caterpillar, and Linde offer replacement seats for a variety of budgets and purpose that will ensure that your operators are both comfortable and safe. If you're looking for the ultimate in ergonomics and safety, consider a full suspension air ride seats. These seats offer a pneumatic system, which helps provide protection against shock and vibration, guarding against potential injuries to operators.

Work Platforms to Safely Elevate Workers

If you're looking for a way for facility maintenance to safety get to hard-to-reach areas, consider a work platform that's right for your needs. While stockpickers can elevate staff and palettes to high shelves or racks, work platforms can transport maintenance personnel with safety and ease. If you have questions about which platform is right for your needs, talk to an equipment specialist about available technology for your specific machine.

If you're looking at forklifts for sale, chances are you've already given a lot of thought to the safety of your workers, as well as the life of your machine. With these accessories, it's possible to ensure operator and pedestrian safety without having to compromise on your bottom line. These small upgrades can mean the difference between safe, invigorated workers and lost time incidents that set the entire company back. Is there something you wish you'd known when purchasing your forklift? Let us know in the comments below.

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