3 Great Tips For Safely Operating Forklifts

When it comes to operating a forklift, your equipment expertise needs to be at an extremely high level so your tasks are not only done correctly but done as safely as possible.

Whether you're driving a forklift around a small warehouse or a large industrial plant, you need to ensure that you're always following proper safety measures to keep you and the rest of your coworkers/employees out of harm's way. Here are some excellent tips for operating a forklift safely:

    • Remain alert and attentive at all times -- Just because you're not driving a forklift or dealing with heavy machinery at night doesn't mean you should stay up all night and have poor sleep habits. You need to make sure you're well rested and have plenty of energy so you can stay focused and aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep an eye out for hazards all around your working area that could potentially lead to dangerous collisions.


    • Never allow unauthorized people to handle your forklift -- With certain tools and types of machinery, workers often delegate usage, but this cannot be done with forklifts and heavy machinery items. Even if someone is just asking to move the forklift a few feet to accommodate another on-site task, you should never allow an unauthorized individual to handle your forklift in any way. In the same vein, make sure that no one is near your forklift, whether they have plenty of equipment expertise or not, while it's in motion, whether your forks are emptied or loaded.


    • Make sure your load isn't blocking your vision -- The majority of forklift incidents and collisions occur when the forklift operator's vision is obstructed due to loads that are too high. Heavy duty forklifts can carry loads of up to 50 tons. You need to ensure that the load you're carrying is manageable for your machine to handle, stable and strapped in place, and placed at the back by the mast -- never at the front of the fork.


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