5 Reasons Why Having a Forklift Maintenance Plan Makes Sense

Anyone who has ever had the experience of working in a warehouse knows how common forklifts are within those facilities. Forklift operators are highly trained to operate these pieces of equipment. However, in spite of that training, forklifts are responsible for an average of 1% of accidents that occur in warehouses. Human errors and forklift malfunctions play a part in these accidents. Retraining individuals who operate forklifts can help with the human error aspect, but you may be wondering what can be done about the forklift malfunction to help prevent these accidents. This is where proper forklift maintenance comes into play.

Although many warehouses have proper standards in regards to forklift maintenance, there is just no guarantee that this maintenance is consistently performed. This is why forklift maintenance companies can be very beneficial to warehouse facilities and other organizations. Let's look at some of the benefits of having a forklift maintenance plan below.

Extended Life

It is no surprise that regular maintenance extends the life of your forklift, but performing maintenance properly and frequently will be key. Many times, when employees are responsible for maintenance, you may find that the job is done quickly and poorly. Certain steps of proper maintenance may be skipped altogether as a result. With the right equipment specialists, such as a forklift maintenance company, you can be sure that all the steps to the routine maintenance are done properly.

These professionals don't have a list of other warehouse duties waiting on them once the maintenance is done. That means they can devote all of their time and effort to equipment maintenance. With proper routine maintenance, you can be sure that your equipment will last longer and run better than those who don't receive proper maintenance.

Cost Savings

Many wouldn't think of a forklift maintenance plan as a way to save money, but it truly can. Consider an instance where a forklift doesn't have routine maintenance and develops a small problem that is not very noticeable. This small problem could go on unnoticed until it turns into a major problem that requires expensive parts replacement or even unexpected downtime. Not only is extra money spent on the equipment, but money is not being made since the equipment can't be used. Utilizing a maintenance plan can help spot these small problems and correct them promptly so that they don't grow into larger problems. A little money spent now on proper maintenance means less money spent later fixing larger more expensive problems.

Mitigated Accidents

As discussed earlier, an accident involving a forklift typically needs one of two components: human error or machine malfunction. Forklift maintenance plans do their part to ensure that your machines have no malfunctions. This ultimately makes the workplace safer. The majority of employers will do anything to protect their employees and prevent the possibility of workers' compensation claims or lawsuits. This is one simple way to ensure all employees within the warehouse or facility are protected.

Increased Productivity

Everyone knows that productivity generates money within your business. This is the same with the equipment meant to keep your business up and running. Equipment that has routine maintenance works well and increases productivity for your business. Employees will spend less time working on machines and more time being productive essentially bringing in more money for your business.

Improves Value

Nobody buys heavy equipment with the intention of selling it, but no one knows what will happen down the line, either. Having a forklift that has maintenance records typically resells for a higher rate than one that hasn't had regular maintenance performed. Not only will the potential buyers know that the machine is in working order, but they will know that you take care of your equipment -- making them more comfortable buying from you.

It is easy to see that forklift maintenance is essential for the success of your business. Consider all the benefits of a plan and see if it is a fit for you. Some due diligence now can help to save you some hassle, some headaches, and a hefty amount of money later down the line.

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