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At Accurate Lift Truck we’re all about forklift service. The fact is that we “grew up” as a service company not a sales driven dealership. We started out as “independents” meaning we didn’t represent one particular line of forklifts like Yale, Crown, Hyster or Toyota. We fixed Yale Crown Hyster and Toyota forklifts every day but if you wanted to buy one, you had to call the Dealer (Eastern Lift Truck, Modern Handling, MHS, etc.). A lot of dealers had convinced customers that nobody but the dealership could work on their forklifts and of course they were dead wrong. We grew our company substantially and gained a great reputation fixing Yale, Hyster, Crown and Toyota Forklifts. (Let’s not forget Raymond). We were able to provide efficient and cost effective service to our customers in spite of the fact that we were not the dealer. After ten years or so as an independent service company we teamed up with Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift of America and became a Mitsubishi Forklift Truck dealership! Now we’re “the dealer” and you would think we would take on that “dealer only” attitude but we didn’t. Even though we represent and sell Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks we still service all makes and models of forklifts. We sell, service and rent forklift trucks in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the Lehigh Valley (Lansdale, Bethlehem, Allentown) and approximately 30% of the hundreds and hundreds of forklifts we service are competitive brands.

Yes, modern forklift trucks all have computer systems with proprietary software that often times is difficult to access. Dealers use this a way to hold you captive. As the owner of the forklift truck you are entitled to that software and or any codes required for access. The dealer will generally tell you are not but, when push comes to shove they have to give it to you. We can help with that.

Warranty repairs are also cited as a reason you must use the dealer. In those cases you are actually better off without the dealer. Many of our customers have new forklifts under warranty. Those trucks still need scheduled maintenance and replacement of wear items that are never covered under warranty. Any qualified technician can perform those functions. Regarding warranty reapirs, we are able to objectively identify for the customer when a repair should be warranty and when it shouldn’t and we call the dealer for them and manage the work to make sure it gets done. The dealer is obligated to perform warranty repairs even if they are not servicing the machines. Sometimes dealers or sales people will tell a customer their warranty will be voided if someone other than they work on the machine. This is patently false. Think about it, if you had your own maintenance shop or forklift mechanics in house you would still have full warrant protection.

Parts are often brought up by sales people as an issue but that too is red herring. We have access to parts on competitive machines from a variety of aftermarket manufacturers and OEM Dealers around the country. Sometimes you end up paying a little more for a specialized hard to get part but overall maintenance costs are driven by the quality of the service you receive over time not the price of an individual, rarely needed specialty part. Accurate Lift Truck is Master Source Distributor. Master Source makes aftermarket parts for all makes and models of forklifts including Hyster, Crown, Raymond, Toyota, and Yale forklifts. Not to belabor the point but at Accurate Lift Truck we sell Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks but we fix all makes and models. We are a service driven company and we are forklift service professionals. Forklifts are basically commodities. No forklift brand has any particular feature the other brands don’t have. Most trucks of equal capacity and lifting height will be priced within a few dollars of each other. The difference between brands is not the machine itself (they’re all the same) but the dealership that stands behind it. If you aren’t happy with the service you’re getting, give us a call. If you have to “press one” and leave a message to get service, call us, we’ll pick up the phone. If you’re not getting immediate response to your service calls, give us a shot. We guarantee a two hour response time 24/7/365. If you see a different technician every time you call and if those technicians tell you conflicting stories or always want to send your forklift to the shop, give us a call. We have drastically different policies. We work for some of the most demanding corporate customers in the country and we bring that high level of service excellence to all our customers, big and small and regardless of the make and model of the forklift trucks they have. We are service driven.

For service on all makes and models of forklifts (including Hyster, Yale, Toyota, Crown, Clark, and Raymond) give us a call. Accurate Lift Truck, Inc. servicing all makes and models of forklifts in New Jersey, Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley for over thirty years.
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