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Electric Forklift Trucks

Electric powered forklift trucks have become more and more prevalent over the last ten years in a trend that is bound to continue. Electric powered forklift trucks offer distinct advantages over machines powered by internal combustion engines. First of all there are less moving parts in an electric truck which naturally leads to lower maintenance…
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Managing Forklift Heat

Heat is a forklift killer. It leads to increased engine wear, part failure, and expensive repairs. Making sure your equipment stays cool is vital to increasing its longevity and improving your productivity. If you have a regular maintenance program performed by trained professionals for your forklifts, it’s likely that your cooling systems are already functioning…
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Choosing the right Overhead Door

Choosing a overhead door for your warehouse can seem overwhelming, but it’s much easier once you break it down into parts. Considering these points will make choosing the right door for your warehouse much easier and likely end up saving you some money in the long run. Size: How big does your door need to…
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Top Forklift Mistakes

While they may not seem as impressive as some of their larger machine brethren, forklifts are powerful pieces of equipment that demand respect. If the operator is not constantly aware of what is happening around them accidents can happen, leading to the damage or loss of property or, at worst, human life. Here are some…
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