Choosing the right Overhead Door

Choosing a overhead door for your warehouse can seem overwhelming, but it’s much easier once you break it down into parts. Considering these points will make choosing the right door for your warehouse much easier and likely end up saving you some money in the long run.

How big does your door need to be? Having a door that’s no larger than your maximum required size will save you initial costs on installation but will also save you money on your energy bill in the future, as it reduces the energy used to open and close the door as well as heat or cool air loss depending on the season. You’ll also need to consider operator margin of error and accommodate for that as well. The door will need to be bigger if vehicles need to turn upon entering or exiting the area.


What’s behind your new door? Are you using it for food storage? If so, contamination issues will be a huge factor in which door you choose. You’ll also need to make sure it opens and closes quickly and has a tight seal to ensure that you can maintain a constant environment. This is also a factor to consider if your warehouse, like many today, is climate controlled for employee comfort. A slow door with a poor seal can make your air conditioning or heating costs skyrocket. Make sure the door you buy has all the features you need and none that you don’t.

How often will the door be opened and closed? Most factories will have doors rest in the closed position and open them periodically as needed, but some doors are only designed to open once per day. Make sure the door you buy can accommodate the traffic that will pass through it Insulation, security, and reliability are other factors to consider here.

Make sure your door brakes are adequate in case your door fails. You should also consider the training required to safely operate the door. Your employees should be fully aware of how the door functions and how to use it. They should also all be aware of how to override the door if necessary. If your employees are unfamiliar with the style of door it may not be worth purchasing due to cost of training.

It’s important to factor in the cost of maintaining the door as well as the initial cost of purchasing and installing. It’s usually worth it to spend money on a higher quality door and save money on repairs down the line, especially if you have to hire outside help to do so. Some doors even have self-repairing options. You should also consider energy costs stemming from poor insulation when estimating the cost of the door. Training for safe operation of the door will also cost you time and money.

Hopefully these points have helped demystify the process of purchasing a door for your warehouse. Accurate Lift Truck Inc. sells, installs, and maintains commercial docks and doors, as well as other dock and loading equipment.

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