Experiencing These Common Forklift Problems? It’s Time to Hire an Equipment Specialist

On average, forklifts are at fault for 1% of accidents that occur in warehouses and factories. While some of these accidents are caused by human error, it's not impossible for an equipment malfunction to play a part. Forklifts are powerful pieces of machinery that need to be operated safely. That being said, if you notice any of the following issues with your forklift, it may be time to consider taking it to an equipment specialist.

Lifting Problems

Lifting problems are relatively common for forklifts that have received extended and ongoing use. These types of problems include a lift that is operating more slowly than usual, a lift that's not operating at all, or any other type of lift malfunction that impedes speed, safety, or productivity. If you notice any of these lifting problems, stop using the forklift and call equipment specialists as soon as possible. It's most likely an issue with the forklift's internal hydraulics, and a repair isn't something for the inexperienced DIY-er.

Electrical Failure

Electrical failures are typically an easy fix, but that doesn't mean they don't result in downtime. Electrical problems are typically discovered when the forklift won't turn on, won't stay on, or is otherwise difficult to get started or operate correctly. This is usually a result of an issue with the battery, but an equipment specialist can perform an inspection to be sure.

Steering Troubles

In pedestrian-heavy areas, a forklift shouldn't travel faster than three miles per hour, so an issue with the steering may not be immediately noticeable. But try to keep an eye out for anything that might make the steering feel "off." If you have to make sharper turns than usual, overcorrect more often, or otherwise put more effort into steering the forklift than you normally do, something may be amiss. Take it to a professional with equipment expertise to diagnose and resolve the issue.

In 1989 a forklift set a world record by lifting 90 tons and it stands to this day. It's clear that forklifts possess incredible power, but it's vital to use them safely and properly. For more information about forklift repair services, contact Accurate Lift.

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