Is Your Forklift Right For Your Warehouse? Here’s How To Choose Wisely

warehouseThe unsung heavy lifting heroes of the warehouse: forklifts. When considering the proper forklift to help you house your wares, a little equipment expertise goes a long way. Beyond that, there are some important factors to consider before getting a forklift for your warehouse.

We can hear you now: how hard can it be? With a little preparation, it's pretty easy, but we want to see you with equipment that will lift your spirits. Not something hastily bought that doesn't suit your needs well. Buying the wrong forklift can lead to expensive downtime, broken machines, and even injured workers.

Here's what you need to know before buying new lifting equipment:

The first thing to consider isn't actually the forklift itself, it's your warehouse. Think of it this way, the size and spatial dimension of a warehouse are much more difficult to change than the size of a forklift. Be sure that the lift you're looking into can actually maneuver easily within your warehouse. You don't want to be stuck (literally) with a lift that's too big for your aisles.

Every warehouse has jobs that require specific capabilities. Most common forklifts can lift anywhere between one and five tons. Will this help you if your warehouse mainly stores loads greater than 10 tons? You'll need a heavy duty lift. Choosing the wrong forklift for jobs you'll be doing every day is a recipe for frustration. Plus, it's incredibly unsafe.

Whether you're getting a new or used forklift, consider how long you need it to last and focus on keeping it healthy. From forklift operators to parts replacement to forklift repair services, keeping your newly acquired lift in tip-top shape will guarantee a hearty ROI. Much the same way that your warehouse design should reflect your desire to keep things in good running shape for years to come, so should your heavy equipment.

The logistics industry does its best to work efficiently, but we know it can often be a messy business full of estimation. Your warehouse is the foundation of your work and proper forklifts do the actual heavy lifting. Get your equipment right and everything inside your warehouse will run like a well-oiled machine. Even when the inevitable wrench in the gears comes, at least you're properly prepared to lift yourself out of it.

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