Forklift Servicing Tips to Save You Time and Money

A forklift that is serviced within its prescribed service intervals will ensure that it runs at its highest performance level. When a forklift is serviced properly it will reduce fuel consumption and keep more money in your wallet. Keeping your forklift serviced regularly is important, but so are daily checks. By completing your daily checks like oils, water, tires you will reduce the risk of expensive repairs in the future. Make sure to also check cosmetic items like seat belts, mirrors, rating plates, and emergency disconnects on electronic batteries.

Raise your fork tynes! When you drag them around on the ground you cause resistance and further excessive wear and tear. It’s like riding with your windows down in the car the wind resistance makes your engine work harder and uses more gas. Not only are you wasting gas by doing this you are also wearing down your fork tynes which can suck the money out of a budget quickly.

Have you ever heard that forklifts are the vacuum cleaners of the warehouse industry? Keep your forklift clean, and your warehouse will be clean as well. Make sure you have compressed air and you use it to blow the unit and its radiator out weekly. A blocked radiator is one of the most common problems in forklift maintenance.

This is a problem that many warehouse operators overlook. If your forklift is performing the same actions over and over again it is probably operating in the same direction and turning the same corners. Check your tire wear. This can cause uneven and premature tire wear. Make sure to routinely rotate those tires. Your forklift is the lifeblood of your warehouse, make sure to take care of it.

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