Russian Forklift Operator Provides Home-To-Car Service During Flood

Today we have a strange, smile-inducing story that proves forklift operators can double as knights in shining armor in the midst of mildly dire circumstances. Now, the training process for forklift operators isn't as grueling as medieval knighthood, but it requires renewal every three years and isn't as easy as you think.

The depth of training notwithstanding, one man was glad to have a forklift around one very rainy day. During early summer rains in Perm, Russia, streets had been flooding, making walking around an annoyingly sopping task.

For one man, his car was sitting in shin deep water a fair distance from his front door. Where most would've, perhaps, donned boots or brought a change of shoes and braved the water, he had a valiant forklift operator who would save him from a water-logged walk.

From his front door, elevated above the water, the friendly forklift operator carried the man on a pallet above the water right to his car door. Stepping into his car from the platform politely provided by the pallet pilot, he drives off fully dry to work, shoes never touching the water.

"Because my friend is the driver of the forklift, he was able to successfully transport a person to his car without getting wet. Luxury service," wrote the person who filmed and posted the video.

Luxury service indeed. In the rare realm of forklift oriented news, this lifted our spirits (and caused a chuckle), just as the forklift hero lifted the nameless man to his vehicle, unbothered by the torrential rains. Perhaps you're not operating your forklifts in the water, which we would certainly recommend against, but we can help with keeping them in fabulous working condition. You never know when a flood might hit and you'll need to save the day.

From warehouse to flooded streets, the use of forklifts can take on many forms. We might not take you to your car door in a flood, but when it comes to warehouse outfitting, equipment expertise, parts replacement, and forklift repair services, be our guest and we'll take great care of you.

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