Utilizing Forklift Accessories to Maximize Productivity

Forklifts are expensive and they are essential to your warehouse, but a forklift can be more than the machine you bought as is. You can maximize your productivity by adding attachments to your forklift—transforming it into a machine capable of many tasks. Operations will become more streamlined and you can save money by avoiding purchasing whole new machines for individualized tasks.

There are many attachments available for forklifts, each with their own capability and tailored for their own use. Here we are highlighting a few of the most common. Every warehouse should have a self-dumping hopper attachment. They come in many shapes, sizes and even colors. They can be utilized as large containers that serve as trash collection/removal as well as transportation of other materials. They increase safety because their design allows them to be self-balanced and they always return to their original position after use.

In the past boom attachments had to be welded to a forklift, thus rendering that forklift as a ‘boom only’ forklift for the rest of its days. Now modern technology has made it easier to attach and remove booms on any number of forklifts—making them much more versatile and ready for a multitude of jobs. They are essential to warehouse operations because they can go beyond the reach of your average forklift. They operate like cranes utilizing a swinging motion to transport objects from one place to another.
Another useful attachment is the work platform. These are safety cages that allow workers an elevated platform to do work at any various height. These can be utilized in the warehouse setting a better alternative to a ladder. They are much sturdier and can cut down on the percentage of accidents in a warehouse or work setting. Having this attachment in your warehouse makes even the hardest to reach spots easily accessible.

A forklift outfitted with the proper attachments—and having those attachments at hand will only make your warehouse more streamlined and your operation more profitable. Do your research and make your forklift the backbone of your warehouse.

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